Three out of four American adults own a personal computer

By the year 2012 there will be approximately 17 billion devices connected to the Internet

The world's first computer, called the Z1, was invented by Konrad Zuse in 1936.

There are approximately 1.06 billion instant messaging accounts worldwide.

Computer Training Geared for You

FrustrationDo computers Frustrate you? Do you ever wonder what your grandkids mean by Instant Messaging, Email or L0L? I provide in home computer training geared for your level of experience.

•No Experience needed
•Learn what you want to learn
•Learn in a way that you understand; not computer jargon
•Over 15 years of experience
•Microsoft Certified Professional
•Reasonable Rates


Learn how to:
 •Use your computer  • Use Instant Messengers • Read and Send Email •  Relax and play games • Write a Journal  •Search the Internet • Research Hobbies
secratary "My time with CMT was fun and informative.  He helped me upload some photos so I could share them with my family and he taught me how to clean out old files so that my computer ran more efficiently.  I finally feel comfortable on line and confident with my computer.  Thanks, Mike"

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